RedDotRubyConf 2012 Singapore

Last weekend (18-19 may 2012) i was at the NUS Cultural Center attending the RedDotRubyConf 2012. It was a fun and inspiring experience for me, just like that last one in 2011. Thankfully my company covered the ticket costs. I went in with 4 more colleagues.

Thought it would be a good idea to jot down some notes about the whole experience.


The venue was nice and big, but it was not very easy to get there. Primarily because I needed to take a bus from the closest MRT station. If its near a MRT station or if its in the city area (where you can easily walk from place to place and MRT stations are abundant) it would have been more accessible.

What bugged me the most was that no drinks were allowed inside the conference hall!!! How can I concentrate without my caffeine?!:)

There was no WiFi in the venue. But I think thats OK. I didn’t go there to work or surf FB. And I always have 3G if I need it.

Talks and what I thought about them

So I just ripped of the list of talks from the official site and I am going note down how I felt about each of the talks. These are just my opinions and of course is VERY SUBJECTIVE.

Day One

  • Ilya Grigorik Building a Faster Web - Good
  • Richard Schneeman The 12 factor app - meh
  • Thorben Schroder to come - Nice insight and a lot of swearing ;)
  • Andras Kristof to come - Interesting. But no conclusion, left me hanging. Waiting for a update on how ViKi ended up doing performance testing!
  • Danish Khan to come - hmmm
  • Sau Sheong Chang Ruby, Rock & Roll - Interesting Hackery
  • Winston Teo CSS Can be Tested Too - OK
  • Hemant Kumar Dive Inside Ruby 1.9 - Didn’t get most of it
  • Tim Oxley Benefits of Client-side Templating - Missed it
  • Wei Lu A Journey in Pair Programming - Missed it

Day Two

  • Obie Fernandez Redis on Rails - Good
  • Zach Holman Git+Github Secrets - meh
  • Terence Lee Bundle Y U So Slow? - Good
  • Carl Coryell-Martin to come - ‘Meaning of life’ type talk. Good.
  • Sebastian Burkhard Run Ruby Run - meh
  • Gabe Hollome Level up with Coffeescript - hmmm
  • Darcy Laycock API Driven Applications - Good, technical
  • Michael Koziarski Lessons from the Other Side - Awesome and inspiring talk. Think this was the best talk in the conference!

Personally I source a lot of inspiration from talks in a conference and only a bit of knowledge. I’d read a book if I want to get deep on some tech rather than attending a conference, IMHO.


Talked to a bunch of people at the conference. Although I think my social skills can be improved a lot I am relived to affirm my self that i am not a total disaster when it comes to talking to strangers. The crowd was pretty global. Mostly from Asia pacific, US and UK.

Met people from the Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, India, China, US, NZ and many more. Its hard to comprehend the scale of the ruby community sometimes. And its always nice to talk to like minded people who share similar interests to that of yours.

One thing i noted was that almost all the people I talked to did TDD! We don’t do TDD here in favoritemedium and I feel may be… Just may be, we can try it out. Feel like I am in the stone age not doing TDD when everyone else is at the party rocking like a TDDstar!. Or may be its just that the projects and the client we get don’t really go together with TDD.


All of my coworkers missed the after party so i had to go there all alone. Discussed TDD, photography, politics, android and many more things with a lot friendly ruby folks and it was pretty nice. Although I don’t drink alcohol the soft drinks and ‘chicken-on-a-stick’ finger food kept me busy :)

All in all think it was a grate event. Can’t wait for the next one in 2013!