SHDH #03 - Super Happy Dev House Singapore

Super Happy Dev House Singapore 3rd edition was held last saturday (6th April) at the Hub. I went in there around 12.30am (yeah am). And there were about 20-25ish folks hanging around. I wanted to work on a idea that i had in mind for sometime and that was my idea when going there.

It has been a long time since i attended any kind of developer event. And i narrowly missed this one as well. But i am glad i made it because it was fun and i enjoyed it. When i reached everyone have already started working on some project. They have formed groups and busy working on there stuff. I met laktek from there and he was working with some peeps on this tissue paper project Free Tissue. It was a interesting project however i wanted to work on my own thing so i grabbed some coffee and started coding.

I worked on a web UI for Octopress. Now i know that sounds very big and serious but i just worked on a very simple tool that addresses some of my pains with using octopress to blog. And i was able to come out with a ‘MVP’ (something that did the absolute minimum of the core functionality i wanted). It works but isn’t good enough to be released (not that if anyone will really care if i do lol). But kinda happy i got it to this stage. And about the fact that i actually hacked something out in a hackathon. Yeah it was a first for me. I’ve been to the 1st and the 2nd SHDH event in SG. However it was more about socialising and less about coding. This one was different. And the difference made it awesome.

The night was spent coding and discussing thoughts about the hacker scene/node.js/rails and your usual hacker concerns. It was fun and i it rekindled my ‘inner hacker’ spirit lol.

And the swagger was top notch ;)

I just wanna give a big thank you for the organisers of the event. You guys rock! Hope to attend SHDH #04 next year!